Sunday, August 17, 2014

Checking in, looking out

I'm having an online binge reading session this rainy Sunday. So much great creativity out there. Inspired me to keep this little diary up to date if only by checking in and logging a quick entry. We, and by this I mean Charly, are in the throes of running a scientific experiment on the rate chalk dissolves in various solutions and Wanna should be writing a poster report on the discovery of WiFi technology for a year four assignment. Not she seems to have grasped the need to complete the task.   The younger two have newly discovered Harry Potter books and can stay transfixed for hours under the bed clothes.  Better than iPod games and the seductive lure of Club Penguin. But who am I to talk!  When not reading creative posts, I'm obsessing over the asbestos insulation issue affecting Canberra homes - really distressing to read about and all power to the resident action group. Also spending too much time obsessing over medical diagnostic sites because of some unresolved symptoms plaguing us. So much of good and bad fortune can just turn on the head of a pin.  Reminds me to be grateful for what I have ... and to draw a one under this type of searching which only feeds futile worry, but somehow has an irresistible allure. No one site seems to answer all my questions. Not that books do either. So perhaps online binge reading isn't so dire after all, just easier to achieve than going to the library.


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