Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Joining the Technological Revolution

Still here.  It's amazing how the lack of a camera can seriously impair one's online creativity.  Plus lack of time.  I've missed my little online space and have resolved to return to it as a chronicle of family life and our persistent, but endearing, state of disorganisation.  I'm acutely aware that time is passing and the baby birdies are growing up.  So, now that I have a basic DLSR camera plus an assortment of goodies in the Apple basket, there are no excuses other than technological ineptitude for neglecting this journal and the wonderful connections made in this blogging world. 

I'm in awe of folks who can create amazing blogs and websites with lots of moving parts and more flashing signs than Times Square -- especially those who do it in their spare time.  I'll have to ask my 12 yo to assist if I want to do anything more advanced than the 'default' settings, which frankly I should steer clear of and stick to the mantra of 'Keep It Simple Stupid'.   This coming from the person who reached for a paper address book to make a few Christmas day phone calls to distant relatives!

So anyway, I'm about to buckle up and unbox the camera, install some apps and join the technological revolution. 

Off we go. 


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