Sunday, September 30, 2012

100 days... of hibernation?

We said farewell to a favourite teacher going on maternity leave this week. She's really made the final year of primary school a memorable and enriching time, for which we are very grateful.  Good-bye Mrs R and thanks!

Meantime, I understand there's around a hundred days left until the end of the year.  Time for some resolutions to make the most of it.  Must confess we're still all at sea.  No camera, no clear summer holiday plans, empty refrigerator and there's been a wild wind blowing this long week-end which is always unsettling.   To highlight how scatty the mood is around here, the following are some examples of where my browsing has taken me this week.

Transcript and Video of Speech by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook to a graduating class at Barnard

Books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - the Alice series.

Downton Abbey Season Three

Tips for making home-made chips

Armchair travel to 25 fascinating places

I sense a hibernation period involving books, DVDs and comfort food.


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