Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Mousetrap

Early In The Morning I Hear On Your Piano
by Robert Louis Stevenson

EARLY in the morning I hear on your piano
You (at least, I guess it's you) proceed to learn to play.
Mostly little minds should take and tackle their piano
While the birds are singing in the morning of the day.


Nothing is as it seems.  This is not piano practice or hand stretches in preparation for the scales but a record of a crazy manicure session. Captured here because it is a rare thing for the girls to indulge in such preening.

Piano practice by young hands and little minds is not necessarily something one wants to hear first thing in the morning without the mute pedal down.  It certainly echoes on our parquetry floors, and out through the crevices of the doors and windows up the street.  But it is such an infectiously cheerful and rousing instrument. I can't help but sing aloud accompanying the Gigue, Sonatina in C, Jane 's Zebra and Toy Shop Tune.  In fact we all hum along, or warble in tremulous soprano, as uninhibited as family members can be.

We went to see 'The Mousetrap' at the Canberra Playhouse a few weekends ago and now everyone is spooked by the sound of Three Blind Mice on the keyboard. Ro-Ro teases Little Wanna endlessly by playing the intro notes.  Despite the critical reviews, we thought it was a fine, traditional performance of this 60 year old murder mystery.  (Beggars can't be choosers you know.  We're grateful it got a run in Canberra at all.)

We are sworn to secrecy of course.  Nothing is as it seems.


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