Monday, August 29, 2011

Day home from school

Tummy bug and fever has kept littlest one at home today. 
This has been a season of viruses. 
 More days off than I've ever had before.

So after I sent excuses in to work, school and after-school, we planted sunflower seeds, watered the zucchini seeds planted yesterday, made chocolate cake, cleaned windows, dusted places that haven't been dusted for a while, cleaned and buffed leather lounge, reframed a piece of child's art, danced to Glee numbers and Total Girl Hits of Summer 2011 (which transports me back to our Summer Road Trip of 2011 along the Great Ocean Road and highway to Adelaide), wiped bird poop off deck, skipped and admired skipping, ate tinned soup and pasta for lunch, put on a load of washing, applied carpet shampoo to high-traffic areas and vacuumed off, idled on the computer reading blogs and playing Wizard 101, read a bit of the paper...
 and there's still some time to go until pick-up.

I'd love to be a sahm.

This has been a lovely day.

Image: Queensland School Readers of my era


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