Sunday, October 10, 2010

Designer noodle boxes

It’s raining pigs and noodles,
It’s pouring frogs and hats,
Chrysanthemums and poodles,
Bananas, brooms, and cats.
Assorted prunes, and parrots
Are dropping from the sky,
Here come a bunch of carrots,
Some hippopotami.

It’s raining pens and pickles,
And eggs and silverware.
A flood of figs and nickels
Is falling through the air.
I see a swan, a sweater,
A clock, a model train-
I like it so much better
Than when it’s raining rain.

                                             Poem by Jack Prelutsky

There is only so much children's art you can keep.  As much as I loved this noodle box as sometimes pencil, sometimes trinket holder, its time had come.  I did appreciate the fact that I bore a striking resemblance to a character from Charly and Lola in my portrait on the first side elevation of the noodle box.  With a shifty gaze... which is quite true, and the very becoming helmet hair... which is also true... occasionally.  The decoration clearly draws inspiration from Henri Matisse's collages.
Matisse arranged boldly coloured paper cutouts into striking compositions, and added text in his own handwriting to produce a book that has been referred to as "the visual counterpart of jazz music".  It seems as if kindergartners all over the world have him to thank for lesson plans involving collage.  Perhaps noodle and gift box manufacturers and party planners should take note. 


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