Monday, September 6, 2010

A New Timetable

This week we try a new piano teacher for Ro-Ro and a new timetable.  His teacher is a lovely girl we've met before who writes notes about the lesson in an exercise book, and inscribes helpful tips for home practice.  We hope she can make him focus on learning the notes rather than memorising the key strokes and zipping through the melody at breakneck speed.

There is no more soccer practice. Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings can be reclaimed until October.  Charly is going ice-skating at the Phillip rink instead this week. (A gem of a place. So unexpected in dreary Woden, right slap bang next door to the swimming pool.)  There are birthday parties scheduled from one end of Canberra to the other. Girl Guide notices arrive at the last minute heralding a miscellany of events.  Other things just crop up unexpectedly.

So, the pressure mounts to get better organised individually and collectively.  We should avoid trying to construct an entire convict settlement in miniature before breakfast for a class presentation that day, and we need to think about our News item during the week and practice it at times other than the drive to school on the morning it will be delivered. 
When Mummy says "What did you do at school today?", this is a cue to pass on class information, hand over notes and regale her with impressive accounts of what you learnt.  'Nothing' and 'I can't remember' are unacceptable responses.   
I have the 2011 month-to-a-view calendar desk mat already.


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