Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a bit off the back and sides thanks

This bird has a seriously 'happening' hair-do.

You just have to giggle at nature sometimes. As awesome as it is, the greatness can be overwhelmed by the ridiculous. Some sort of evolutionary gag, like the genomes ganged up and pinned a silly label on a species' back.  Here's a poor duck creature with a blonde, bouffant number (at one of the most appalling excuses for a zoo that we visited - not that I am a fan of zoos at the best of times - and which shall remain nameless in my Tasmanian travelogue for obvious reasons).   My, how we laughed.  We are now ever on the look out for interesting and unusual - as Kath Day-Knight would put it, avian hair styles. Have noticed a retro-punk movement among turtle doves this season and magpies paying homage to The Fonz. 


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