Thursday, May 13, 2010

By Wood and Wold: Richmond Bridge.

No.  Not Richmond, Surrey.  Or Richmond, Virginia.  This is Richmond, Tasmania. 

Everyone, just everyone, who visits Tasmania is obligated to go through Richmond on the Coal River to view Australia’s oldest bridge, built by convict labour between 1823 and 1825, and take loads of photographs and buy sticky home-made edibles and kitch craft.  We flew through the village on a Road-runner fast drive from Hobart to Devonport in a day.  Only time enough to feed the ducks, wander along the bank and play in a willow tree cubby house. Beep-beep.  We're off.

Two-thirds of our journey at least are done,
Old horse! let us take a spell
In the shade from the glare of the noon-day sun,
Thus far we have travell'd well;
Your bridle I'll slip, your saddle ungirth,
And lay them beside this log,
For you'll roll in that track of reddish earth,
And shake like a water dog.

Poem Ye Wearie Wayfarer: 1. By Wood and Wold by Adam Lindsay Gordon.


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