Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Hair Days

Image: Sketch for Crazy Hair Day fund-raiser on last day of Term 1 by Little Wanna.

School Holidays means Crazy Hair for me for two weeks.  So far we have been to the circus, seen Nanny McPhee 2, practiced bike riding, played school, gardened, played with Lego, completed jigsaw puzzles, had first soccer practice with new team (rather uninspiring team name of "United"), practiced soccer moves at home, bounced on trampoline (doesn't everyone seem to have one in the backyard these days?!), drawn elaborate pictures in hand-made books, written short stories, cooked flat and fat pancakes, had a few trial goes of the slow cooker, spent ages trying to work out why a fuse keeps blowing (unrelated to previous), researched hand blenders and still can't decide, spent way too much time on the DS and generally lolled about.  Need a hair cut.


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