Sunday, April 18, 2010

B-Well Report

I've signed up with Collage of Life to make some incremental steps towards a healthier lifestyle.   It's not so great to sit for more than eight hours at the computer and only walk to the tea room for coffee.  I have revealed to some colleagues that, in Winter, I can travel by car from my internal access garage to the underground car park in my office building, take the lift, sit down, log on and not breathe fresh air or have sunlight touch my skin all day!  If it weren't for the need to collect children from After School Care, I could do the reverse at the end of the day and not venture outside AT ALL.  Atrocious!  I'm not alone here either.  Now I have those hand weights in the wardrobe and I'm going to use them today.  

Photo: Little Wanna and Charly at Luna Park, Sydney (2009)


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