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People in 2012

ABC TV Q&A - Series 5, Episode 34 - Tanya Plibersek, Kelly O'Dwyer, Mark Carnegie, Elliot Perlman & Jason Silva.  Tuesday, September 25 2012

Interesting CVs at the time.

Mark Carnegie

Mark Carnegie is Principal of M.H. Carnegie & Co. He was previously Head of Lazard Australia Private Equity (formerly LCW Private Equity), Lazard’s Australian private equity business. Mark co-founded Carnegie, Wylie & Company in 2000, one of Australia’s leading independent corporate advisory and investment firms. Carnegie, Wylie & Company was acquired by Lazard on 31 July 2007. He has had a near twenty five year career as an investor and corporate adviser in New York, London, and Sydney.

Mark is a Director of Chandler Macleod Limited and a large number of investee companies. He is a former Director of Macquarie Radio Network Limited, Lonely Planet Publications, Chairman of STW Communications Group Pty Ltd (formerly Singleton Group Ltd and Australia’s most profitable advertising and marketing group) from 1993-2005 and President Commissioner of PT London Sumatra (one of Indonesia’s premier plantation companies) from 2004-2007.

Amongst other investments, Mark has been a participant in groups that have acquired major stakes in the Courage Pub Estate, John Fairfax Holdings, Hoyts Cinemas, Formula One Holdings, SCTV, Macquarie Radio Network, and Lonely Planet Publications.

Mark holds a BA from Oxford University and a BSc (Hons) from Melbourne University. He is a former Treasurer of the Oxford University Union.

Elliot Perlman

Elliot Perlman is one of Australia’s most celebrated authors, described by the French literary journal, Lire, as “the classic of tomorrow” and “one of the 50 most important writers in the world”.

Formerly a barrister, Elliot came to prominence as a writer when his debut novel Three Dollars won the Age Book of the Year Award and was turned into a film starring David Wenham. This earned Elliot an AFI Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Writing with a strong moral compass, Three Dollars reads as a potent critique of economic rationalism which Elliot believes “destroys the humanity of ordinary people when they are confronted with unemployment and poverty.”

His follow up, The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming, was a national bestseller in the US; named a New York Times Book Review “Editor’s Choice” and received the Steele Rudd Award for best Australian short story collection. Elliot’s third book, Seven Types of Ambiguity cemented his international reputation by becoming a national bestseller in the US, France, the UK, Germany and Australia.

Elliot is the recipient of the Queensland Premier's award for Advancing Public Debate. His most recent novel is the national bestseller, The Street Sweeper, an epic tale that deftly entwines the Holocaust and the American Civil Rights movement. A reflection on racism, memory, guilt and compassion the book is described by the Australian Book Review as a “brave book, a humane and liberal book in a period of history when those values are being derided by conservatives of several schools.’

Born and raised in Melbourne, Elliot graduated from Monash University with an Honours degree in Economics and Politics and a Law degree. He worked as a solicitor, an Associate to a Victorian Supreme Court judge and a barrister before dedicating himself full-time to writing. A failed musician, the failure hasn't cured his obsession with music. He also admits to reading about and watching far too much AFL football.

Jason Silva

Jason Silva, born in Venezuela, was a presenter on Current TV, the Emmy-winning, independent cable network started by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. While there he hosted, wrote and produced more than 100 hours of original content.

In 2011 he became a fellow at the Hybrid Reality Institute, examining the symbiosis between man and machine. A self-professed wonder junkie, Jason recently launched a series of non-commercial micro-documentaries exploring the co-evolution of humans and technology that, according to The Atlantic “play like movie trailers for ideas”. The films have gone viral, having been viewed online over one million times.

An active and prolific speaker, Jason has recently spoken at Google, The Economist Ideas Festival, the prestigious DLD Digital Life Design Conference in Munich, TEDGlobal, The Singularity Summit and the PSFK Conference. At TEDGlobal June 2012, Jason premiered “Radical Openness,” a new short video.

Jason resides in Los Angeles and New York City. He is visiting Australia for the 2012 Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House.

Photo: By me, back in 2012.  Those other three people.


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