Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Year Inspiration

Birthday Wish
by Stuart Macfarlane

I met a nice fairy,
On the way home from school,
She granted me a wish,
She knew I was no fool.

I said weekly birthdays,
Would really be great,
For fifty two weeks,
Is too long to wait.

Now presents and presents,
Each week do arrive,
We’ve bought a bigger house,
In fact we bought five,

But the gifts keep on coming,
And there’s no room to store,
At first they were fun,
But now they’re a bore.

But horror of horrors,
Is the effect upon me,
For I’ve outgrown my parents,
I’m now two hundred and three.


First post for 2016 (and for quite some time) and who best to take inspiration from but Tania McCartney - a true whirlwind of creative energy and goodness. Her workspace is a dream. It was profiled in a blog post by fellow illustrator Nicky Johnston.  She was also interviewed about life and work for a local online magazine. Bookmarked here to remind me that you can do it if you try.


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