Sunday, December 28, 2014

LOLling about

Days after Christmas and we are still just lolling around.  Staying bed too late.  Watching Dr Who re-runs and blocking out time to be sure we see the new episodes. Eating too much fat and sugar.  Playing on devices for too long. I'm still struggling with technology and call out for the 'help desk' frequently. Now that we have roused ourselves, well after lunch I might add, Charley is baking sunken cupcakes, Ro-Ro is creating a vehicle from the new vacuum cleaner box and Wanna is reading Harry Potter slowly while moaning about the kitchen being taken over when she wants to make sushi. I'm here testing my wireless, bluetooth keyboard. (Nothing beats the desktop IMHO.) It's good to do nothing and make our own entertainment. There is plenty to occupy us without needing to get out of town although it does seem odd not to be travelling somewhere at this time of year.  Certainly strange not to be seeking the seaside. Perhaps later in the month.  


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