Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello Autumn

Today {home}

January {Hampton Court Palace}

January {Bridge to Hampton Court Palace from train station}

It's a damp day but only soft drizzle and a searing white sky greets me this morning. It's incredibly still.  The trees from my vantage point are like two dimensional cut-outs. Time to loll in bed momentarily with my boy before he heads off to cricket. Charly is on an outdoor Guide camp so the weather will be character building. Wanna and I will be alone, a rare thing.

I remember the rain when we visited Hampton Court palace. Darting over the bridge from the train station.  Sheltering under the eaves.  Cowering in our waterproofs as we threaded our way through the maze. Dripping. Hardly able to see under my hood. Simply following the children as they rushed through. Too fast a sweet memory.


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