Friday, October 5, 2012


Now, I fear I've descended into recording crummy iphone 3G photos and links to online articles I've read as a substitute for writing anything vaguely meaningful.  Perhaps this is a reflection of where I am at the moment.  Scavenging rather than creating anything original. I can't keep blaming the loss of my camera for my lack of inspiration.

So, what have we been doing?  It's school holidays and I have some time off. As usual, this means I'm ironing to episodes of The West Wing, writing lists, failing to take decisive action, trundling children to playdates and cooking scratch meals from whatever food is close to hand. Perhaps this explains the doldrums.  That, and the seasonal windy weather that always messes with my psyche.

Every-one seems to be spring-cleaning or de-cluttering as it is now called and I've hopped on that bandwagon in casual, somewhat indecisive way.  There are three bags of clothes and miscellanea in the garage waiting to be deposited at the Salvation Army depot in Fyshwick, numerous items to flog off on the work bulletin board and piles of children's art work to be scanned and catalogued possibly for uploading into a fancy digital scrap book if I can find the time.  Not too bad if they actually make it out of the house.

So anyway ... here are a few of the things I've been picking through in the virtual recycle bin that is social media.

Hope for those who find it hard to justify 'non-productive' time.

A short TED-Ed video clip about using Plain English.

A New Zealand - South American (?) children's book series Saffron and Sage with sweet illustrations reminiscent of Lola and Charlie.
The language of emoticons translated.
Nine common sense parenting strategies.

Will these links still work in years to come, d'you think?


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