Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pies, muffins and general craziness

I think that I could never spy
A poem as lovely as a pie
A banquet in a single course
Blushing with red tomato sauce
A pie whose crust is oven kissed
Whose gravy scalds the eater's wrist
The pastie and the sausage roll
Have not thy brown mysterious soul
The dark hues aborigine
Is less indigenous than thee;
As round and rich as Zara
As tasteful as Patrick White
With a glass of purple para
You're the great Australian bite.

BARRY HUMPHRIES, Piece in the Form of a Meat Pie


Actually that would be a picture of a muffin.  So what can I report? Watching too many Modern Family back episodes.  We all love it.  We are the Dunphys. Back to school this week.  Trying to learn times tables and maintain discipline over music practice. Rondos, lullabies and bell chimes.   Final semester of primary school for Charly.  Gasp.  Still haven't reconciled myself to the choice of high school. Grieving for what could be.  Not the least interested in the Olympics but will undoubtedly get excited over the big finals and the cultural opening and closing ceremonies. Heavens, completely forgot about Guides tonite.  So best off.


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