Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's May

Peace, quiet and rest is her message,
Tired scenery heeds her call;
This gracious lady of Autumn,
Loveliest season of all.
Pamela Summers

Still no sign of my camera.  It's with a spiral notepad somewhere. Meantime, I've borrowed a DLSR monolith from the office to play with and have no idea what ISO or half the other functions mean.  Also can't seem to download them to the computer.  I'm thinking a replacement Mother's Day camera might be called for. Is that excessive?  It's either that or a non-stick fry pan and I know which I'd prefer.  (However, I have had a sneak peak of some "vouchers" from the children for hugs, back tickles and promises to do odd jobs 'round the house.  What more really could a mother ask for?)    

Photo: Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra.  "Swimming Islands" and "Waiting Poolside".  By me on iphone with Instagram.


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