Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dinner Dealbreakers

When I see in a recipe with:

goat's cheese
440 grams of frozen raspberries (500 gram packs)
muscovado sugar
sour cream
200 mls of white wine
chopped mint
rice flour

However, I can pull any number of meals together blindfolded with:

tuna in olive oil
tomato paste
mixed Italian dried herbs
dried yeast
frozen peas
balsamic vinegar
thickened cream
frozen spinach


It is amazing how I can stock the fridge drawers with a bag of limes and have to hand a tub of fresh ricotta cheese, and not find a suitable recipe using these items.  Then, just when I don't have these items in stock or they have turned rancid waiting,  I'll find a recipe for something perfect requiring the juice of one lime and 200 grams of ricotta.  Meal planning is not my forte.

A platter of dip and crackers and carrot sticks and tortilla 'pizzas' are not to be sniffed at for a quick dinner when you get home after six.   But having got the food to the table, it's as much effort again to have it consumed. Does anyone else's meals take five minutes to prepare but (seemingly) five hours to consume?  Ours go on and on, and on and on ... 


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