Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maroc in the Mail

She very much liked Marrakech, its easy feel, the quality of its light, its pinkish earth and rose-coloured walls. In Fez life seemed concentrated and intense, contained beneath and within the jagged mountains enclosing the city. The mountains seems to turn Fez in on itself...

Extract from Larabi's Ox, by Tony Ardizzone

Guess what came in the mail the other day?  The boys' member's pass and 2012 season tickets to the Brumbies rubgy team matches and a post card from Morocco!  Every-one was doing cartwheels.  Me especially.  The card was from the 'awesome' (as we say around here, or 'epic'), and peripatetic, Jeanne from Collage of Life.   Frankly the post card easily pipped the Brumbies.  Every-one ooh-ed and ahh-ed and marvelled that this virtual friend from across the oceans should send something tangible in the mail.   Thanks a bunch Jeanne  *waving*.  I can hear the soundtrack to The Sheltering Sky in the background; it's a wonderful piano piece by Ryuichi Sakamoto.  It also reminds me that I must read the book. 


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