Saturday, January 28, 2012

Motoring to Tuross Head and Bodalla

A Midsummer Noon In The Australian Forest

~ Charles Harpur

"Not a sound disturbs the air,
There is quiet everywhere;
Over plains and over woods
What a mighty stillness broods!

Only there's drowsy humming
From the yon warm lagoon slow coming:
Tis the dragon-hornet - see!
All bedaubed resplendently.

O 'tis easeful here to lie
Hidden from noon's scorching eye,
In the grassy cool recess
Musing thus of quietness."


As our holiday and adventures on the Eurobodalla coast of New South Wales continued, we took a day trip from Malua Bay to Tuross Head and the much acclaimed Fish and Chip Shop.  (You can see the focus of our culinary endeavours: drive to the nearest greasy cafe.)

This particular chippie enjoys a fabulous location literally on Lake Tuross with the water flapping underneath the timber boards of the jetty.  I think, however, since the establishment is for sale, it may be on the decline. The outside awnings were broken and patrons had to swelter in the midday heat, the service slow and unreliable and the fish and chips not quite up to the standard we expect of seaside cafes.  Probably flake instead of fresh flathead or the Catch of the Day, and all a bit too greasy. Still what it lacked in gourmet appeal, it made up for in atmosphere.

 ...with a knight in shining armour guarding the fishing tackle and wet suits. Plus the most amazing views across the lake.  Really quirky, and what I expect the cafes on Pittwater which feature in Susan Duncan's books to look like.

Appetites replete, we sped off to the sleepy town of Bodalla, home of cheese-making.

...and patted the poddy calves.  Eeck!  Long tongues and the smell of cow poo!

Lots of views of the Aussie bush.

There's a modest static display with information and memorabilia from the early days of the Australian dairy industry and the efforts of local pioneer, Thomas Sutcliffe Mort.   It looked like the museum and working cheese-making factory for visitors were still under construction.  It should be great when its finished.  There is also accommodation to had on site and a fine-looking cafe for milkshakes and afternoon teas.

The pub across the road.


The magificent All Saints church high on a hill overlooking the surrounding area and keeping a watch on the townsfolk.

A lovely rest spot on the Princes Highway.  Highly recommended.


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