Monday, January 30, 2012

Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens

"The young leaves is shootin' on the trees,
The air is like a long, cool swig o' beer,
The bonzer smell of flow'rs is on the breeze,
An' 'ere's me, 'ere
Jist moochin' round like some pore, barmy coot,
Of 'ope and joy, an' forchin destichoot."

{C.J. DENNIS, A Spring Song}


One week of school holidays to go.  Charly is still at a sleep-over across the road with gorgeous neighbour C. 

{Sleep-overs across the road have to be the best thing ever! So convenient. Just in-and-out as they please from one house to the other. No driving.}

I think the food and bedding arrangements are far more salubrious over there than at our house. 

Meantime, Ro Ro is totally immersed in sets of Beastly Books variously titled Boy Versus Beast or Beast Quest or Beastly Business. He literally scooped his arm along the shelves at the Kingston Library and dumped an entire set into the canvas library tote.  He is now methodically working through them.  Wanna is busy dressing up dolls and manoeuvring Little Ponies in formation across the carpetted floor of her bedroom.  Sweet home-spun entertainment and not an electrical cord or device charger in sight.

Today is windy and wet in the national capital, so best we can do is reminisce about our sojourn on the south coast and our walk through the serene Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens, another of our unexpected finds.   We discovered this beautiful spot thanks to my obsessive brochure collecting and the services of the Bateman's Bay Tourist Bureau.  

The Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens are impeccably maintained (the uniformed gardeners and ride-on mowers were out in full force while we were there) with lots of new works in progress, including on a childrens' playground with musical equipment and a divine BBQ area. 

There's a great selection of bushwalks and ample open spaces to throw a frisbee (or a dart - "the new frisbee"). If we were local and it wasn't raining, this is where we would have outdoor birthday parties and end-of-year get-togethers. Don't tell anyone, but I like it more than the Australian National Botanic Gardens.


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