Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

To Mrs K____, On Her Sending Me an English Christmas Plum-Cake at Paris

~ Helen Maria Williams 1761–1827

What crowding thoughts around me wake,
What marvels in a Christmas-cake!
Ah say, what strange enchantment dwells
Enclosed within its odorous cells?
Is there no small magician bound 
Encrusted in its snowy round?
For magic surely lurks in this,
A cake that tells of vanished bliss;
A cake that conjures up to view
The early scenes, when life was new;
When memory knew no sorrows past,
And hope believed in joys that last! —
Mysterious cake, whose folds contain
Life’s calendar of bliss and pain;
That speaks of friends for ever fled,
And wakes the tears I love to shed.
Oft shall I breathe her cherished name
From whose fair hand the offering came:
For she recalls the artless smile
Of nymphs that deck my native isle;
Of beauty that we love to trace,
Allied with tender, modest grace;
Of those who, while abroad they roam,
Retain each charm that gladdens home,
And whose dear friendships can impart
A Christmas banquet for the heart!


Charly and I got a bike for Christmas.  A turquoise beauty of sturdy contruction.  Today we shall have a test ride, eat fruit cake and wear-in Ro-Ro's new cricket gear.  I suspect the Boxing Day cricket commentary will be our sound track.  But at the moment, not everyone has roused themselves and there is peace before the day unfurls in a riot of colour, sound and movement.  The remnants of Christmas Day are strewn about the floor and in our memories.  We are blessed. 


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