Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Honorable Members

Parliament Hill in the Evening
~ D.H. Lawrence

The houses fade in a melt of mist
Blotching the thick, soiled air
With reddish places that still resist
The Night's slow care.

The hopeless, wintry twilight fades,
The city corrodes out of sight
As the body corrodes when death invades
That citadel of delight.

Now verdigris smoulderings softly spread
Through the shroud of the town, as slow
Night-lights hither and thither shed
Their ghastly glow.
This #newscorpse saga is captivating.  Doesn't the House of Commons Question Time run ticketty boo?  So much the Australian Parliament could learn.  Fast and furious questioning (in an interesting mix of accents just like in a BBC costume drama).  Articulate, well-considered and alternately humorous questions in rapid fire.  Gripping viewing for the school holidays.  Perfectly timed.

There also seems to be a good proportion of women MPs in Westminster.  I'm in awe of Louise Mensch and Nicola Blackwood in particular - young, Conservative MPs and members of the two select committees conducting the hearings.

The seating arrangements in the UK Parliament are considerably more compact than the comparatively luxurious leather lounges in our chambers. Perhaps the more intimate surroundings and close proximity to the front bench, and each other, shoulder-to-shoulder, has something to do with the speed and vivacity of the debate.

The Rt. Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, is also a cracker.  Watch out Harry Jenkins.


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