Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sent with a Flower-Pot Begging a Slip of Geranium
Christian Milne 1773–1816

I’ve sent my empty pot again
To beg another slip;
The last you gave, I’m grieved to tell
December’s frost did nip.

I love fair Flora and her train
But nurse her children ill;  
I tend too little, or too much;
 They die from want of skill.

I blush to trouble you again,
Who’ve served me oft before;
 But, should this die, I’ll break the pot,
 And trouble you no more.

Cold here, but who'd know it, since I am either bunkered down at work or shackled to the kitchen at home in greenhouse conditions.  I've been absent of late due to preoccupations with the hurdy-gurdy of real life involving three children and a full-time job.  Plus a seven-year-old's birthday party to organise followed by hoards of in-laws descending to celebrate. I was even too strapped for time to make that a memorable and picture perfect event.  (In fact no pictures at all.) The birthday girl was completely satisfied however.  No complaints there.  Just me pitting myself against my own exacting standards.  Thank heavens for sausage sizzles.

I am assured by the resident IT HelpDesk that the problems with uploading photos from the camera has been fixed with the addition of yet another cable to the collection.    However I don't appear to be abel to upload to the blog, so I shall have to log another job. (Or 'job a log' as I once said to the real Global Support Centre at the office, and promptly collapsed into a fit of the giggles.)  I was also counselled about storing too many junk photos in the Pictures Library which are being backed-up at some expense.  So they have been culled and catalogued like nobody's business.  Where does everyone else store their digital photos and favourite images collected from the interweb?  Oh bring back albums and adhesive photo corners.  Yeah.  Maybe not. 


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