Saturday, June 25, 2011


Good old Netball Australia.

We have been participting in the Net-Set-Go junior netball training program on Saturday mornings.

The structured program provides participants with the opportunity to develop netball skills, physical fitness, social skills, sportsmanship and an understanding of the game of netball.

Our eight-week course at the lovely (but sometimes chilly) outdoor courts in Deakin, Canberra, are run by two amazing young women - one in her gap year and the other still at high school.

I cannot tell you how much I admire their skill in organising games with ten little girls.  They are enthusiastic, patient and thoroughly professional.  Perfect role models. 

Having not ever played or followed netball, I have also benefitted by being exposed to the game's culture.  It is totally girly which suits Little Wanna right down to the ground.  So very different in feel to the macho and muddy soccer club.  I sorta like it, and I'm not into organised sport all all. The only trick will be choosing between it and Minkey Hockey next Winter. 


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