Sunday, March 6, 2011

Junior Monopoly: Time and the Board Game

Sweet Silence After Bells
~ Christopher Brennan

Sweet silence after bells!
deep in the enamour'd ear
soft incantation dwells.

Filling the rapt still sphere
a liquid crystal swims,
precarious yet clear.

Those metal quiring hymns
shaped ether so succinct:
a while, or it dislimns,

the silence, wanly prinkt
with forms of lingering notes,
inhabits, close. distinct;

and night, the angel, floats
on wings of blessing spread
o'er all the gather'd cotes

where meditation, wed
with love, in gold-lit cells,
absorbs the heaven that shed

sweet silence after bells.

Yesterday was huge logistically-speaking.  Ferrying three children around to a range of different venues from sleep-overs, circket/ballet commitments and a party.  The boys went to see the Brumbies play the Queensland Reds (I thought they said - I pay little attention to rugby, and if I did it, would be meaningless anyway).  An appalling game by all accounts, but to Ro-Ro it signifies a special night out with Dad and a chance to eat hot chips, so no matter what the outcome it was a great match.   

Meantime, the girls stayed home and watched YouTube clips of Glee song videos (we so love Glee songs, we do) and played Junior Monopoly.  It was a ruthless game. Little Wanna hasn't quite grasped the importance of abiding by rules and losing gracefully, so there were some shrill moments.  She whispered to the dice for a "Six, six", reluctantly paid her bills and wanted to keep one colour of each play money note. 

It was a simple game and still there were disputes.  It was a relief when it ended.  I'm exhausted.

Little Wanna won 61 to 57.


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