Monday, February 21, 2011

Slow sew

From the Tao Te Ching:

It is not wise to dash about.
Shortening the breath causes much stress.
Use too much energy, and
You will soon be exhausted.
That is not the Natural Way.
Whatever works against this Way
Will not last long.


Back to work today after one of those weekends where there was plenty of scheduled activities and lots of pottering. Nothing much practical was accomplished.  Ironing basket still overflowing and we live in a general state of disorganisation.   A few Guide badges are yet to be sewn on the bag but the main sash is finished.  That's something!

One of the highlights was checking out the Handmade Market at its new location in the Canberra Convention Centre.  Little Wanna and I circled the stalls looking repeatedly at the fabric elephant and giraffe toys.  Turns out she wants to make one.  So we spent a good portion of yesterday learning to do running stitch and chain stitch on a calico sampler.  So out of my comfort zone.  We have a children's craft book called Made by Me which provided invaluable advice in the absence of a great Aunt or Grandma who might otherwise have have done so.  Next thing I'll be getting the sewing machine serviced.  Possibly.  Making no rash decisions.  Best not to rush about in a fit of enthusiasm and then have it fizzle.   I'm good at that.
Photo: Granite Island, Victor Harbour, South Australia


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