Friday, February 4, 2011

Sea Spirit

The Sea Spirit
~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

I smile o'er the wrinkled blue­
Lo! the sea is fair,
Smooth as the flow of a maiden's hair;
And the welkin's* light shines through
Into mid-sea caverns of beryl hue,
And the little waves laugh and the mermaids sing,
And the sea is a beautiful, sinuous thing!

Ah yes.  I need some respite from all this disaster news.  I'm not even living it and I find it exhausting.  The perils of being an onlooker.   Right now I would like to paddle in the sea.  Above picture is our little hideaway along the Great Ocean Road.  So soothing.  Not a cloud in sight.   A sheltered nook.  Transparent gentle waves like little frills. 

I have four days leave until school starts.  I have anumber of projects underway including re-modelling a timber hall table and stool with white paint.  I've been entirely influenced by these clever people on my side bar who can transform furniture with 'a light sand, a layer of primer and few coats of Dulux Antique White USA'.  It's cruel.  They make it sound so easy, but it's not.  It's messy and time-consuming and sweaty work.  Still, I'm on a mission and it's a great distraction.  Sort of.

*Welkin is an archaic, English term; it refers to the sky, the upper air, the firmament, the heavens or the Celestial sphere. Especially the highest celestial sphere e.g. the empyrean.  So now you know. 


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