Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Ballet Lesson

Variation on a Theme
~ D. H. Lawrence

when the white feet of dancers beat across the stage
the sound is like the wings of birds at dawn, fluttering,
and when the feathery light bodies rise en pointe, spinning
like the wind across a lake, the sight is romance, uttering.

Guess where we are going today?  So excited.

But first, the dreaded sewing of the elastic straps.  I've left it to the very last minute.  Why can't everything be iron-on?   Or affixable with a small dob of Tarzan's Grip?   The Girl Guide badges still await my deft touch from their pile in the sewing basket.  They have been moved around the living room all summer, but now I really must get onto it by Tuesday night.  I just find cotton thread so extremely uncooperative and impossible to tame - like trying to stitch with a coiled electrical cord. 

It looks so deceptively easy.  A bit like ballet itself until you try it.


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