Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cardboard boxes

We were in a flurry of cardboad creativity yesterday thanks to inspiration from the amazing Joel Henriques of Made by Joel.   Here we introduce our monster puppet based on his simple but effective cardboard marionette.  Revving behind is one of the two cardboard cars made from boxes acquired from Wiffins greengrocers at Fyshwick markets earlier in the day.  We squealed when they offered us two boxes for our fruit and vege.  The fruit was great but the boxes were better.  We'll be back.

A mobile phone in production.

.. and shoes!

They also rummaged in the recycle bin at home for old cereal boxes to turn into a miniature village.  Our house now resembles a supermarket delivery dock with corrugated card and masking tape strewn all over.  Like me, I think the children lack the craft gene.  They roared into the activity with great enthusiasm but it was all about speed of production and less about a quality result.  Slapdash is our middle name. However, they are back at it this morning, so at least they show commitment.


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