Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back home: Reflecting on the journey

Well. Here's an Aussie town that wasn't flooded when we drove through during our mega-Christmas road trip from Canberra to Adelaide and back... the long way.   Four thousand, two hundred kilometres later. Truly.  Two weeks to get there and two days to get home.

In the 1850s, Euroa began to grow due to traffic generated by the gold rush. Ned Kelly, Australia's best-known bushranger, roamed the ranges around Euroa, holding up the National Bank in town during 1878.

The commercial centre of Euroa stretches along part of Binney Street and Railway Street and features a number of historical buildings including the post office (built in 1890) and one of the former National Bank buildings (1885).
The old National Bank in Euroa, Victoria.
We stopped at the fabulous Burke's Bakery for a meat pie and a milkshake.
We passed the Flam Shan Chinese restaurant.
We walked down the street to the local IGA supermarket to buy batteries for Little Wanna's new camera and admire the streetscape at the roundabout.

We also encountered the first and only locust plague between Albury and an equally sweet town of Chiltern.  Reflecting back now, I'm really over highways and long trips through this vast (dry!) continent.  Where we motored in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, the weather was mild.  Actually, unseasonally chilly in Melbourne and along the Great Ocean Road.  We were wearing anoraks and socks on the beaches until the wind turned in from the western desert and whipped up a sandstorm.   Despite my fears of bushfires, flood and pestilence, we had an uneventful journey.  All safe and sound, and home again.  I'm back to work and it's as if I'd never left.  We have some great memories though.


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