Monday, January 3, 2011

Adelaide: Made it!

Hurrah, hurrah.  We crossed the South Australian border from Victoria yesterday; an imaginary line on the Princes Highway between the tiny town of Dartmoor, with its chainsaw sculpted cedars, and Mount Gambier, with its volcanic craters and limestone sinkholes.  Today we lunched on steak pies at the bakery in Robe then sped over the Coorong wetlands, saw one pelican among the saltpans and then nothing particularly memorable along the South Eastern Freeway as we motored into Adelaide, apart from aluring signs to the Adelaide Hills to which we will return later in the week.  The children have declared they do not wish to see another lighthouse and remain unimpressed by views of lakes and cliffs and serried rows of Norfolk Pines on the esplanade of every seaside town. It does get a little repetitious after the Great Ocean Road and twelve 'apostrophes'.  They were thrilled, however, to catch up with friends from Canberra, who are also visiting Adelaide, for dinner tonight.  Imagine seeing two of your schoolmates waiting for you cross the road in a new city far from home! It took an age for the traffic lights on Pulteney Street to change as we waved at each other from opposite sides.  I am simply relieved to be in a spacious city apartment with a decent shower nozzle and a washing machine.  We each enjoy our simple pleasures! 

I shall check back with photos of our adventures later, including catching the train from Glen Waverley to Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, fishing off the two jetties at Barwon Heads after sundown and boogie boarding at Apollo Bay on New Year's Eve. It's been a great start to 2011 with hardly a thought of the office - just the odd stray mental note for file.  While it's not exactly been what I consider to be typical summer weather down here along the Bass Strait and the Great Australian Bight looking towards Antarctica, it certainly feels like a holiday.  Now I'm just going to take a peek at what all of you have been up to.  Bye for now friends.


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