Friday, December 17, 2010

Breaking-up day!

Bird in the Classroom

The students drowsed and drowned
in the teacher's ponderous monotone -
limp bodies loping in the wordy heat,
melted and run together, desk and flesh as one.
swooning and swimming in a sea of drone.

Each one asleep, swayed and vaguely drifted
with lidded eyes and lolling weighted heads,
were caught on heavy waves and dimly lifted,
sunk slowly, ears ringing in the syrup of his sound,
or borne from the room on a heaving wilderness of beds.

And then on a sudden, a bird's cool voice
punched out song. Crisp and spare
on the startled air,
beak-beamed or idly tossed,
each note gleamed
like a bead of frost.

A bird's cool voice from a neighbour's tree
ith five clear calls - mere grains of sound
rare and neat
repeated twice
but they sprang from the heat
like drops of ice.

Ears cocked, before the comment ran
fading and chuckling where a wattle stirred,
the students wondered how they could have heard
such dreary monotone from a man, and
such wisdom from a bird.

Breaking-up day!!  School's out.  The art work has come down from the classroom walls and has made its tattered way home.  The ugly, hired digital keyboard has been returned to the Young Music Society.  (Please Santa can I have an ebony Kawai upright piano for next year?) There is rampant speculation about who the teachers will be next year and firm preferences are already being expressed.  There are parties galore in every class (thank heavens for pantry popcorn - the working mother's saviour.  It's as close to home-made as I can get this morning) and it's a free dress day.   All this merriment also signals the end of Little Wanna's kindergarten year ... sigh.  We are squarely in the primary years now. 

Congratulations kiddos.  We are very proud of your accomplishments.  Bring on the holidays! 


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