Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Valuing Diversity

There was a small boy of Quebec
Who was buried in snow to his neck
When they said, "Are you friz?"
He replied, " Yes, I is —
But we don't call this cold in Quebec"

A bit of flurry this morning finalising the 'costumes' for the Valuing Diversity Parade at school.  Charly and Wanna wore our interpretation of Chinese national dress featuring mandarin collars and pig tails, while Ro-Ro donned a bucket hat and tee-shirt from Canada and professed his genuine love of pure maple syrup.  It was, admittedly, a bit of a scratch effort.  I expect the local diplomatic community will show us up with authentic outfits and impressive accessories.  I can't wait to hear about it. 
The school is also having an international children's lunch where students get to sample foods from around the world.  I expect my lot will hone in on the lamingtons and decline to sample anything remotely spicy, pale or odd looking.

Yesterday they experimented with a variety of craft activities depicting a foreign culture and came home with an interesting assortment of lanterns, paper rhinos and Venetian masks as well as an outstanding Egyptian collar made from beans and seeds which would go very well over my black polo sweater.  I took a photo of a  small collection I curated, for posterity, as these works will eventually, and possibly sneakily, find their way to the 'archives'.

Photo by me: {Pardon the socks}
Limerick by Rudyard Kipling


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