Monday, November 15, 2010

On ice

~ Les Murray

I starred that night, I shone:
I was footwork and firework in one,
a rocket that wriggled up and shot
darkness with a parasol of brilliants
and a peewee descant on a flung bit;
I was busters of glitter-bombs expanding
to mantle and aurora from a crown,
I was fouéttes, falls of blazing paint,
para-flares spot-welding cloudy heaven,
loose gold off fierce toeholds of white,
a finale red-tongued as a haka leap:
that too was a butt of all right!
As usual after any triumph, I was
of course, inconsolable.

We went ice skating yesteday.  Complete novices all, except Charly who has been to the rink once before with school.  Ro-Ro clung to the edges the entire time.  Charly didn't stop for the full two hour sesssion. Little Wanna was quite ambitous and by the end was stepping out in the middle.  During the last few minutes however she took a tumble and fell on her outstretched palm - a strict no-no, we know, and had been reminding them constantly to fall by collapsing and not to put their arms out.  Now we are nursing a sore wrist.  Signs are it's not broken but we will keep close a watch on it.  So that was the end of Jane Torvill's first day on ice!  More ice.

Poem from Subhuman Redneck Poems, 1996


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