Monday, November 8, 2010

Country airs

Before green apples blush, Before green nuts embrown, Why, one day in the country is worth a month in town.  ~ Christina G. Rossetti

Well, Canberra's not quite 'country' but many would think it was still a good sheep paddock ruined.  We have two ornamental pear trees towering like sentinals out the back and a battened structure to hide the clothesline.  The trees you will note have grown lush and beautiful (perhaps looking a bit Michelin man)but not well placed to disguise the ornamental telegraph pole (despite the expensive landscaping... grrr, in hindsight).  The blossoms also emit the most foul smell at the height of the season.  I thought there must have been a dead animal stuck in the fence.  But it was truly the country smell of Spring blooms in all their putrid glory.   Thankfully it has now subsided and instead we have the cheep of baby magpies which the children think sound like Ron Weasley's owl.  With all this rain the handkerchief lawn is emerald and the creepers are going wild springing in all directions.  Our city glimpses have disappeared entirely.

Right, I'm off to chew a corn stalk... or cook dinner.


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