Friday, October 1, 2010

Lemonade for sale

When the Moon was Blue

When the moon was blue
the sea was made of lemonade
and my boat was a rasberry bun
All the trees where golden cheese
which melted in the sun

I went to a school in a swimming pool
with a teacher who was a seal
I dressed up in a banana skin
with a hat of orange peel
My house had feet and roamed the street
to a different place each night

It got up and ran passed the garbage man
and gave him a terrible fright
All kinds of flowers rained for hours
until the city looked like a fair
People had roses under their noses
and daffodils in their hearts

I was alowed to choose some special shoes
which walked on walls and ceilings
I went up like a fly 10 storries high
it was a fantastic feeling

My wooden bed was a rocket ship instead
and it took off one afternoon
On a long flight which lasted the night
and landed me on the moon
When the moon was blue

School holidays continue, and this week we've had playdates and visits from neighbourhood children, a long-awaited call from the electrician to fix the dodgy circuit once-and-for-all, and a lemonade stand in the back yard.  There must be some instinctive motivation for buying and selling in the human race.  Playing shops has always been one of our favourite past-times.  Not 'once in a blue moon' kind of thing at all.

Poem Joy Cowley.
Photo by me.


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