Thursday, October 14, 2010

It is a bit Groundhog Day-ish in the Gull's Nest this week as we get into the swing of the last term of the year.  The same old school lunches and the same old apples bouncing back in the lunch box.  The same suite of evening meals within the children's narrow range of tastes and my limited cooking repertoire.  The same restrictions on use of the Nintenso DS and stern, oft- repeated reminders to do music practice. The laundry rises and subsides like the tide.  There is continued indecision on what to do with the front footpath and huge raised garden bed out the back (and an apparent lack of Australian gardening blogs from which to draw inspiration, at least from my browsing) and a dire shortage of free time to attend to pressing home improvement jobs such as sourcing new blinds, exploring the possibility of purchasing a piano or browsing furniture shops for that elusive 8-seater timber dining table or some cupboards for the problematic alcove in the entrance foyer.  The new job already has me dragging my feet and struggling to keep my head off the desk. Nothing for it but to write another list.    


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