Friday, July 16, 2010

Woman to Child

Woman To Child

You who were darkness warmed my flesh
where out of darkness rose the seed.
Then all a world I made in me;
all the world you hear and see
hung upon my dreaming blood.

There moved the multitudinous stars,
and coloured birds and fishes moved.
There swam the sliding continents.
All time lay rolled in me, and sense,
and love that knew not its beloved.

O node and focus of the world;
I hold you deep within that well
you shall escape and not escape-
that mirrors still your sleeping shape;
that nurtures still your crescent cell.

I wither and you break from me;
yet though you dance in living light
I am the earth, I am the root,
I am the stem that fed the fruit,
the link that joins you to the night.

Poem by Judith Wright
Painting by Pablo Picasso

It's been a while since I last blogged.  Somehow life - work, children and domestic duty - got in the way.  Or rather the interweb was getting in the way of real life. So I got my priorities in order and turned away for a while.  I missed you all though!  

Today we near the end of school holidays. It's the final week day of the two-week break.  The children have mostly been to special holiday programs.  No rest for them either.  Ro-Ro attended a week-long indoor cricket program, Charly and Wanna toddled gleefully off to the National Zoo and Aquarium for its terrific "zoo-cation' program and the rest of the time was spent at the school's vacation program with familiar staff and at a location conveniently close to work.  A day off to relax at home today and they are playing together happily - Lego, DS and play acting some Famous Five-like narrative - after some initial tension and tears over possessions and who was allowed to do what, with whom.  Love 'em to bits but these spats drive me nuts.   I promise to absorb some of Judith Wright's philosophy and smother the irritations with calm and affection. Ommmm!


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