Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stone and Bronze

Let's face it, some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue.
- Maria Morgan

On my walk to work in the work in the mornings, on days when I am too late to score an underground car park, I pass this stone bust in a little rotunda outside the Italian Cultural Centre.  As I approach, I always think its Bert Hinkler wearing aviation cap and goggles perched in his head, but of course it must be some esteemed historial Italian figure.  I should find out who.

...and here, come rain or shine, is my friend Robbie Burns, sitting cross-legged and contemplative a  little further along outside a Government department on the corner of Canberra Avenue and National Circuit.
The children always wave and say hello to Robbie when we drive past.

To a Louse
(On seeing a louse on a lady's bonnet at church!)

Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner,
Detested, shunned by saunt an' sinner,
How daur ye set your fit upon her,
Sae fine a lady!
Gae somewhere else and seek your dinner,
On some poor body.

Poem by Robbie Burns.


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