Friday, July 23, 2010

Audio Books in the Car

Swimming lessons resumed tonight and for the 30 minute journey across to the Australian Institute of Sport, we are listening to Morris Gleitzman's book, Girl Underground, read by Mary-Anne Fahey (I can hear nothing but Kylie Mole - her comedic alter-ego which is extremely off-putting). 

We love audio-books in the car.  So far we have listened to lots of Morris Gleitzman who writes in shocking Aussie vernacular for a target audience realistically of 8 years and up.  Poor little Wanna just perseveres in the back seat, rather grumpily contesting the choice and demanding something more interesting next time.   It will take us three swimming lessons to complete the entire book.
We have also listened to a reading of The Famour Five Five Got To Mystery Moor which had us jolly well captivated and also shocked at the frequency with which they call each other 'idiots' - in that polite plummy English way, of course.

Oh must off, Charly and I are about to watch 17 Again ... again.  That Zac Ephron!


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