Sunday, May 16, 2010

B-Well Report: Sunday Stroll Around This Old Town

Finaly did it. Went for a morning walk around the neighbourhood.  Took my two 'pedometers' with me to count every step, and impede my progress as it became less of an opportunity for exercise and more of an exploration.  But that's OK.  It was a morning for company. 

We took turns deciding 'which way to go' at corners and intersections. That was fun, adding an element of unpredictability to the ramble.

We went down the hill around the corner.
Stopped at every playground we found.  Tired and run-down specimens though they were to my adult eyes, and only marginally more acceptable to the children who didn't wish to linger too long. 
This city, which celebrates it centenary in 2013, could do much to revitalise its neighbourhoood playscapes, many of which haven't had a touch-up since they were originally built around 50-60 years ago. How about launching 'a 100 playgrounds in a 100 days' over the year as a commemorative gift to the people? It always amazes me that local authorities cite budget constraint as a reason to neglect public spaces. In times of unemployment and economic woe, surely urban revitalisation projects would contribute to generating jobs, attracting volunteeer workers and lifting community spirit.

Notwithstanding these gripes, it is a splendid Autumn in these parts and the city views from high vantage points are always dreamy.  A quintessential Australian landscape over the Monaro plains.
Like an ageing movie star, Canberra is best viewed through a filtered lens and at a distance.

Old age ain't no place for sissies. ~Bette Davis

Inspiration: B-Well Report


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