Friday, May 7, 2010

B-Well Report: Friday

Friday. My day off from paid employment.  Five or so weeks on and not much to show for it.  Still trying to manage time in this new and uncertain world of part-time work.  I was last part-time nine years ago when, half reluctantly and half eagerly, I returned to the Big Open Plan Office and deposited my first-borne into the hands of the Team Leader of the Babies Room at the Child Care Centre.  So its time to pull back again, and get home and hearth in order now that children are older and take up more space, use more stuff, wear bigger clothes, have larger appetites and go to more places.

This week I ran for the first time in years.  That is, ran for pleasure rather than to catch a bus or to chase a wind-borne sheet of paper or to get the clothes off the line before the rain starts pelting down.  This was a joyful, spontaneous gallop involving two children and a soccer ball.  I could only manage it in fits and spurts, but when I was moving my body responded with long dormant pleasure.  Joints moved beyond their normal arc. Muscles stretched and contracted like pistons in some antique farm machinery. Fleshy parts lacking tone also let it be made known that they were getting into the act and wobbled and danced in appreciation.  It was good and natural.  Sitting at a desk for eight plus hours is not good and not natural.

Now I have an extra six hours every Friday to get active and better organised. I will need to set a reasonable pace and not over-estimate how much can be accomplished between the time I get out of my crumpled pajamas and when the school bell rings.  I will also need to apply some discipline and not sit here all day tangled in the interweb which would be very easy to do as it lures you into its seductive maw. 

My children's advice on my good health was simple.  "Mum, you need to get more sleep and eat more fruit."

Poster image by Shelli at DazeyChic
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