Monday, April 12, 2010

Dithering and list-making

To Do List

Find out more about new job
Decide how to structure hours
Factor in children's extra-curricular activites
Work out school holiday leave
Write up diary and calendar
Work out where to hang calendar (and how)

Buy slow cooker
Select ground cover for under magnolia tree
Select shrubs for raised back garden
Select cover for footpath (nature strip, as they say here)

Buy scanner for old negatives
Write long overdue letters to overseas friends (if they are still there)
Ring Aunt in London
Write up Birthday Book (and remember birthdays)

Sell surplus furniture
Donate items to Anglicare
Track down an eight-seater square dining table (somehow, somewhere)
Frame Charly's art
Print photos for Charly's calendar (oops, it's now April)

Sew badges on Charly's Guide sash
Buy jaunty winter cap (maybe not)
Check Charly has clothes and gear for school camp in Term 2
Check boots, socks and shin pads for soccer season

Play board games (Who Stole the Cake? as Wanna calls Cluedo)
Iron and sort clothes (perpetual job)
Learn how handycam works
Buy carrycase for handycam

Decide on blog theme and keep it up-to-date
Write reviews for Kid's Book Review
Plan menus
Ponder jewellery boxes and cases

Get Ro-ro and Wanna practising bike riding
Get sewing machine serviced
Get carpets steam cleaned
Get quote for blind in 'guest quarters'

Read library books and return on time
Start thinking about Winter birthday parties (I know, but I dither)
Establish herb garden
Think about Bamix stick blender

Stain cedar windows
Supervise piano and flute practice
Arrange piano lessons for Wanna
Walk with hand weights
Re-order list

Image from here via The Diversion Project


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