Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music to my Ears

Ro-Ro is learning the piano this term and seems to have taken to it - oh joy - to the extent he happily volunteers to practice.   Charly started with lesson books by the inimitable Edna Mae Burnam who frankly sounds like a woman not be messed with and the type who would rap knuckles with a cane.  But Ro-Ro has started with great gusto and remarkable enthusiasm thanks to Alfred who plunges children quickly into playing with both hands and instantly yields recognisable tunes like Brother John (Frere Jacques) and When the Saints Go Marching In

Old Alfred sounds like an adorable, jolly great uncle with a twirly moustache who would play tricks and sing Gilbert and Sullivan melodies.  Still, it's only one term.  I shan't be signing him up for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music just yet, but it is such a thrill to give children an opportunity to learn a musical instrument.  If we press on successfully for the rest of the year and little Wanna shows interest, we might be in the market for a lovely upright Yamaha rather than this unflattering rented, rock 'n roll keyboard installed in the corner.


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