Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Holiday Road Trip: Beechworth

Back from our journey and time to reflect on the places we visited. 

We set off for Beechworth on 1 January 2010; back to our favourite inland town and our honeymoon destination ten years ago.  It has a sentimental place in our hearts.  We took a peak at the new restaurant which has replaced "The Bank" restaurant where we spent our wedding night ...but this time with three children in tow.

It is a beautifully restored town where gold was first discovered in 1852. Thousands of hopefuls rushed to the gold fields in search of their fortunes.  Miners came from around the world including Europe, UK, USA and Asia. From a humble settlement of campsites and timber huts, rapid social and economic change occurred with the arrival of mining families and businesses to support the growing community.

Beechworth has all the sensibilities of a grand 19th century town with wide, tree-lined streets, lined with deep granite gutters and shady, century-old verandahs.  Not to mention the famous Beechworth Bakery and a great bike riding trail.

Our favourite Beechworth Post Office in Ford Street was completed in 1870.

Centrally located on three acres in historic Beechworth, overlooking the famous Beechworth Gorge is The Old Priory where we stayed.  We seemed to have the whole place to ourselves,with its Hogwartian dormitories crammed with bunk beds, timber staircases leading on to nowhere and dimly lit, panelled sitting rooms, as well as a utlility room with a ... table tennis table.  What fun!

Charly and I took an early morning walk in the spitting rain to Lake Sambell Reserve which was once a major gold mine site where hydraulic sluicing severely impacted on the environment and landscape. It has been attractively rejuvenated into a beautiful lake with adjacent Chinese and Aboriginal gardens.  But time to pack and off to Melbourne via Glenrowan.


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