Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dancing queen

Three Cheers for Mrs Chips

Mrs Chips had a party, everyone was there
Little Gracie Garner wore a ribbon in her hair
Captain Pete, the pilot had a hot dog in his hand
BB, Myn, Champ and Darl were playing in the band

Nora Nodd saw Larry Lobb and promptly yelled out "Hello!"
He remarked, "Oh Nora you look wonderful in yellow"
Little coloured lights were flashing, candles were aflame
They bashed a great pinata and played that pass-the-parcel game

Mrs Chips looked stunning in her multi-coloured vest
The party was successful, everybody was impressed
"At four o'clock," the hostess smiled, "We set the white doves loose,
We'll celebrate with chocolate cake and fresh pineapple juice

The band played everybody's favourite funky children's tunes
Captain Pete inflated purple helium balloons
Little Gracie Garner pinned the tail upon the door
"I missed the donkey's bottom by a metre, maybe more"

Larry Lobb was busy serving guests their drinks and dip
But still found time to juggle, cart-wheel, somersault and flip
Nora Nodd tapped her glass and raised it to the ceiling
"Three cheers for Mrs Chips," she cried, "one more time with feeling"

Champ played his guitar and danced around just like a clown
Darl was singing beautifully whilst jumping up and down
Myn was rocking back and forth and spinning like a top
BB did the splits then limboed underneath a mop

Captain Pete did magic tricks while Nora Nodd assisted
"More!" the party-guests demanded, "encore," they insisted
"Watch me wave my wand and say the magic words with flair"
Then Nora Nodd just vanished, dissapeared into thin air

"Has anyone seen Charlie Fripp?" Mrs Chips enquired
He left at two o'clock 'cause he was angry, bored and tired
He said he hated children's songs, they made him blow his top
As far as Charlie Fripp's concerned the party was a flop

But Champ and Darl, Captain Pete and little Gracie Garner
Showed their party-spirit as they shared the last sultana
Larry Lobb chucked a streamer, Mrs Chips threw more
Soon there was a multi-coloured tangle on the floor

"Thankyou all for coming but I'm afraid it's time to go,
Thanks for all the fun and dancing and the magic show
We were right as usual and Charlie Fripp was wrong
Now the band will play their final funky children's song"

By Dave Bray

For Charly on her ninth birthday, remembering the fun-filled disco party with five fabulous friends and two darling cousins. A room full of bright, sparkling girls, metallic balloons, party poppers, Glo-sticks and a revolving disco lamp (thank YOU Aunty Deb). The dancing queens and princesses sipped lemon fizzy and apple juice from turquoise champagne flutes and nibbled sausage rolls and party pies, mini-lamingtons, S&V potato chips, BBQ shapes, grissini sticks and dips, fruit platter and snakes. The finale was a round, home-made, classic butter cake with maple syrup icing and silver cachous. Sparklers heralded its entrance. Ta-da!

Dancing was the main show, but there was an amusing break-out session in the back garden to bounce on the trampoline, and apply coloured hair spray and Camp Rock tattoos (including on Uncle Paul's bald head). The cousins stayed for a sleepover after roast dinner for the rest of the family. We ate fresh home-made pancakes for breakfast before heading out for a short walk to the local playground and then off for the usual swimming lesssons and to drop the cousins home.

All ends with a totally exhausted Mum but, my, what lovely memories! Last single digit year.

Happy birthday darling girl! xxx


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